About us

Prestigious real estate investor - developer in the market.
Prestigious real estate investor - developer in the market.

Pi Group is a real estate corporation with a history of establishment since 2008, specializing in implementing high-quality projects for customers of various types, such as low-rise residential areas, apartments, and resort villas. , nearby villa…

Pi Group also operates in a number of construction-related fields such as home design consulting, interior design and online real estate services.

In the development journey of more than 10 years, Pi Group has constantly grown in size and quality in projects, including production and business activities at member companies.
Pi Group is gradually becoming the leading real estate developer - investor in the market with its professionalism in working, prestige in each project and consistency with the set goals.

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2016 - 2017
Successful M&A Housing Development Investment One Member Limited Liability Company; Successful M&A of Phuong Dong Real Estate Investment JSC
Established Winbuild Investment - Construction JSC
2017 - 2018
Successful M&A Dong Quang Joint Stock Company
2019 - 2020
Established Pi Home Joint Stock Company; Successful M&A Son Kim Company

Pi Group always strives and strives constantly to soon become one of the 5 largest real estate groups in Vietnam, a place where customers can feel secure when they have the need to own. housing and real estate in general. 

Pi Group has been actively promoting its capacity to create many high-value products, bringing satisfaction and practical benefits to customers and partners.

Providing valuable and quality real estate products for residents and investors, bringing satisfaction and peace of mind to customers. At the same time, cultivate and create a stable and sustainable development of the real estate market in Vietnam.

Core Value

Think new and dare to change.
Serve customers with heart and focus.
Promote the potential and strengths of each party to bring the highest benefits.

Business Sectors

Real estate development
Real estate development
As a real estate developer, we are committed to bringing high quality products, legal guarantees and professional services to our customers. We always welcome potential partners, investors and customers to share with us promising business and investment opportunities.
E- Commerce
E- Commerce
By researching and making the most of technology, Pi Group brings a transparent - safe - fast - economical online real estate transaction method between buyers and sellers.

Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Corporate culture is generally understood as a set of values, standards of beliefs, behaviors, ways of perceiving and thinking methods, which are recognized by the company's employees, think and act as one. habit.

Culture is the soul that governs the vitality and development of an enterprise. A company with a positive culture will attract talented people who are willing to contribute, stick around, and make the workplace a true second home. Affirming the importance of corporate culture, Mr. James L. Heskett - Professor of Business Logistics, once affirmed: "Corporate culture can account for 20-30% of an enterprise's operational efficiency".

It can be said that corporate culture is the glue that binds employees, helping each employee to agree on how to understand problems, evaluate, choose and act. When employees face conflicts and conflicts, culture is the factor that helps people integrate and unify.

Building corporate culture is a long way, it is very necessary for the efforts and consensus of all members in Pi Group. The strength and development of the business is also created from a positive cultural foundation. Moreover, this is also a way to promote the Group's brand to partners and customers.

Understanding this, the Board of Directors of Pi Group always tries to build a solid and positive corporate culture foundation. A place where each employee clearly sees the nature, goals, and orientation of the work they are in charge of, thereby contributing to creating a comfortable, healthy and cohesive working environment. The Board of Directors wishes each employee to preserve and develop the good culture of the Group from the smallest activities.